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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Thanks to the donors, it was possible to replace 30-year-old equipment with a

modern microscope for surgery in the Department of Plastic-Reconstructive

Microsurgery at the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital. The department treats many injuries and pathologies: fractures; dislocations of limbs; multiple injuries;

amputations; damage to tendons, vessels, nerves; tumors of the wrist; birth paralysis of limbs, and so on. The leading direction of work is the treatment of congenital defects of the face and their consequences.

The new equipment was put into use by the doctors immediately after it arrived at Ohmatdyt. Thanks to the modern microscope, the same day specialists were able to successfully reattach a patient's injured finger, which was already on the verge of amputation.

The microscope from the well-known German Leica group, with a dual binocular for working with an assistant. It has magnetic brakes, xenon lighting, and adjustablenfocus.

This is what the medical equipment looked like, on which surgeries were performed until recently. It was installed in the hospital in 1990 and was outdated and malfunctioning. Thanks to all of you, today the department has received a modern expert-level microscope, and now our children are undergoing surgeries with the involvement of the best European medical equipment!

«The new optical device has much better image quality, which has helped to reduce the duration of the operation and improve the quality of suturing. The microscope is mobile, modern, with good optics. It allows providing help at the highest level to all patients, even children who have been injured as a result of military actions,» - said Valeriy BOVKUN, head of the Department of Plastic-Reconstructive Microsurgery at Ohmatdyt.

The surgical microscope is equipped with electric controls for position changes, tilt angles, and other automatic settings.

  • High optical visualization with a great depth of field;

  • Smooth scaling and focusing adjustments using electric drives;

  • The suspension lever allows almost effortless positioning of the device;

  • Multifocal lens;

  • Ergonomics and ease of control;

  • The ability to install additional photo/video modules (camera, video recorder, monitor, etc.);

  • Hand and foot switches.

We thank our good friends and donors from the Academy of Advanced Aesthetics, Academy of AA West, who conducted a charity collection among their clients and employees.

Also to our friends and donors who last June held a charity concert for the children of Ukraine - Singing from the Heart.

Hosting Choirs:

Julia Zavadsky - Artistic Director

Soyeon Bin - Vocal Coach, Collaborative Piano

Kimbery Waigwa - Administrative Director


Mitos Andaya-Hart - Artistic Director

Sara Brown - Administrative Director

Participating Choirs:

ANNA Crusis Feminist Choir

Archdiocesan Adult Choir of Philadelphia

Bucks County Choral Society

Colorado Hebrew Chorale (joined virtually)

Delaware Choral Arts

Dzvin Ukrainian Male Folk Choir

Kol Emanuel

Mainline Interfaith Choir

Mendelssohn Chorus

Montgomery County Chorale and Orchestra

Old York Road Choir Kehillah/Jewish Community

Philadelphia Heritage Choral

Rodeph Shalom Choir

Sing Slavic

Singing City

Singing Hearts Choral Society of Southern New Jersey

Singing Owls

St. Augustine Choir

Temple Adath Israel of the Main Line

Wayne Oratorio Society

Individual Donors:

Ruth Ryave

Steven Ryave

Laurie Bernstein

Bob Weinberg

Jeryl Crema

Carole R Lauzar

Eileen Wachtman

Ray Angelini

Patricia Daly

Rebecca Oswald

Jayne Fiero

Jackie Stormer

Betty Barrow

Mark Gelernt

Christopher Duran

Emma Tuohy

Jane Rose

Blake Marshall

Suzanne Fletcher

Beth Lashner

Eric Key

Sylvia Lifschitz

Brian Holbrook

Stephen Pearlman

Andrew Richardson

Ginny&Jim Schwartz

Jake Kriger

Marguerite Harris

Madison Pawlenko

Kristen Suzda

Marilyn Cohen

Ellen Reese

Noam Wise

Susan Domingos

Elizabeth Millman

Jonathan Coopersmith

Kathleen Flaherty

Timothy Flaherty

Kate Philips-Kaiser

Robbin McCarthy

Susan Tuohy

Janet Yamron

Rollo Dilworth

Manju Goyal

Linda Litwin

Alan Harler

Ina Asher

Susan McCormack

Tim Ritter

Hannah Klapholz

Lynn Brown

Joanne M Toback

Joan Rosiak


William Raighne Kirk

Bonnie Borresen

Jocelyn Wallace

Patricia Agia

Susan Mendlein

Jared McElroy

Marcy Bacine

Nancy Fisher

Anne Krawitz

Elizabeth Beard

Sheila Bassman

Jack Levin

Tina Pfeiffer

Charlotte Engle

James Pugh

Natalie Landro

Rabbi Shelly Barnathan

Lee Pesakoff

Jerry Silverman

Sarah T Darrow

Flo Gardner

Grace Alexander

Paula Fuchsberg

Kathleen D’Antonio

John D’Antonio

Betty Ann Fellner

Patricia Miller

Anne Gold

Naomi C Dobson

Susan Behr

Naomi Cherne

Sharon Parnes

Denise Portner

Naomi Klayman

Stephen Jones

Grace Sweeney

Larry Kerson

Miriam Davidson

Janet Benjamin

Beth Stearman

Steve Pollack

Hannah Kalkstein

Deborah Cohen

Benjamin Bolnick

Linda Lempert

Rachel Winicov

Robert Mendelson

Mina Reinckens

Becca Zinn

Arthur Ellis

Sydney Delrosario

Michael Nurthen

Kathleen Shannon

Jen Smith

Stefanie Vance

Della Grossman

Wendy Serota

Andrea Shuster

Carla Mayberry

Athena Miller

Jill Katz

Luca Mendlein

Rob Kennan

Kim Ulaky

Tieshka Smith

Susan Marcus

Bruce Zechman

Jim Hinds

Elizabeth Vale

Susan Schmidt

Diane Seider

Meghan OConnor

Russell Elliott

Julianne Scott

Phyllis Attisano

M. Rachael McDaniel

Kennedy McAlister

Elmer Fuller

Jim Hinds

Anna Vasilenko

Angel Halstead

Ellen Poster

Sarina Kaplan

Joanne Gotto

Joshua Jacobson

Wendy Cooper

Eileen Nathanson

Joseph Eisman

Maraji Gwynallen

Eve Brannen

Riva Feiner

Lynne Jacobs

Caren Savo

Hannah Strauss

Frances Novack

Jamil Dabney

Miyako Inoue

MaryJo Morett

Vered Schwell

LaVerne Wood

Dolores Redmond

Sandra Cohen

Lourdes Hilario

Kristen Hochreiter

Sarah Alfred-Levow

Luisa Arocena

Virginia Hicks

Stephanie Strauss

To our partner and long-time friends, The Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theatre - who held a series of charitable events "Support for the Ohmatdyt Children's


We are sincerely grateful to the entire diplomatic corps of Ukraine, who also joined

the charity collection, and to everyone who joined in helping Ohmatdyt Children's


Charitable donations can be sent to the accounts of the charitable foundation "Ohmatdyt - is healthy childhood"

  • The multi-currency account at OTP Bank (IBAN): UA 25 300528 0000026002000025115

  • EGRPOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) code: 44751319

  • Charitable Organization "Charitable foundation “Ohmatdyt – healthy childhood”

  • Payment purpose: Charitable donation

Or via the following link:

Glory to Ukraine!

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