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With the assistance of Budhouse Group, the architects of the Creative Workshop "Manakova and Co'' carried out a re-conceptualization of the interior of the old surgical building of the National Children's Specialized Hospital "Ohmatdyt".

Budhouse Group and Creative Workshop "Manakova and Co'' decided to help the hospital and use modern design trends to re-conceptualize the interiors. From a typical hospital of the 60s, specialists made a modern space where the child becomes the center of our life, care, attention and love.

Oleksandra Manakova personally shared: "The hospital has its own logic and its subordinate structure - in order to "revive" such a space, to make it comfortable for the child, many nuances must be taken into account. The following principles are given a prominent place: an environment that creates a sense of security, creating an atmosphere that distracts from difficult thoughts, natural lighting, eliminating noise, showing care, minimizing the feeling of a crowd."

The philosophy of "THE CHILD ABOVE EVERYTHING" is embedded in the very idea.

Designers approached the design of hospital rooms with particular care: they are painted in bright colors, there are also tables for doing homework, plenty of space for games, and wall-mounted equipment for video games and watching movies.

Facing materials corresponding to the high quality of the project were selected no less carefully.

We had to work with colors especially carefully: firstly, the interior should not annoy children with autism, and secondly, it should be comfortable not only for babies, but also for older children.

One of the main tasks that specialists of Budhouse Group and CW "Manakova and Co" set before themselves was to provide hospital wards with maximum home comfort.

On the first floor of the hospital there is a reception, doctors' offices, a pharmacy, a cafe and auxiliary rooms for small patients.

There are playrooms on the floors where children can relax and chat with each other.

The designers did not miss the attention of the hospital employees as well, providing for them changing rooms with showers, spacious resident's offices, rooms for rest and psychological relaxation.

Thanks to the benefactors of the Budhouse Group and the architects of the Creative Workshop ‘’Manakova and Co’’ , it became possible, with the support of donors and their donations, to renovate and modernize the departments that continue to work and perform daily operations in the old surgical building of the National Children's Specialized Hospital "Ohmatdyt".

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