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Thanks to our benefactor, the Public Organization "DESPRO", Rebuild Ukraine, and Semanticforce, with their support, new medical equipment appeared in the polyclinic structural unit of the NCSH "Ohmatdyt", with a targeted purpose for the family planning department of the KPD of NCSH "Ohmatdyt".

The charitable foundation "Ohmatdyt - is Healthy Childhood" handed over modern medical equipment to the structural polyclinic’s unit of the Ohmatdyt: a gynecological chair, a colposcope, and an examination lamp. To replace the old medical equipment that was manufactured in 1980 and was not updated for more than 40 years! Every year, about 18,000 women of reproductive age and pregnant women from different regions of Ukraine receive consultations in the department. New equipment was very necessary for the polyclinic, both doctors and patients were waiting for it. Currently, it has become possible to provide patients with the required level of service and comfort during scheduled treatments.

The head of the department, Oksana KHALANSKA, says: “The new medical equipment allows us to detect serious diseases in women of reproductive age and not only serious diseases, diagnose the disease and treat these women.

We are grateful to all Вenefactors, thanks to whom the purchase of the necessary modern medical equipment became possible. The Ohmatdyt Foundation continues to work and plans to purchase three more such sets of medical equipment for the children's gynecology department in the polyclinic, so that young patients receive modern and comfortable medical care. We would like to thank the Public Organization "DESPRO", Rebuild Ukraine and Semanticforce for the financial support thanks to which this project was made possible!

Glory to Ukraine!

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